Jewelry Wear and Care Tips

Storing KIR
  • Store your jewelry in a pouch or wrapped in a soft cloth.
  • Avoid storing pieces together as they can tangle and scratch.
  • Silver can tarnish when not worn regularly. To prevent tarnishing, store your jewelry away from air and moisture.

Wearing KIR

  • Adorn yourself with jewelry after lotions, cosmetics, and perfumes are applied.
  • Always avoid contact with harsh chemicals for all of your jewelry. 
  • Delicate hinges, clasps, and connections should be handled with special care as they can break with improper or overuse. 

Cleaning KIR

  • To clean gemstones and mother of pearl; use warm water with a mild soap and lightly scrub with a soft bristle toothbrush. 
  • To clean pearls wipe with a soft cloth. If deeper cleaning is necessary, use a pearl specific cleaner or have them cleaned by your local jeweler.
  • To bring back shine in silver, rub with a polishing cloth. 
  • Cleaning with a solution, tumblers, or ultrasonic cleaners is not recommended.